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Your gateway to Europe >2017

         We are helping those vendors and financial Institutions who are looking to move or reinforce their commercial

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First Platinum International  was founded in 1992 with the aim of establishing a leading recruitment company for financial information vendors and their clients. Our staff have  over 35 years of combined experience in the market place and we are now  established and recognized as the industry leader in the provision of SEARCH and SELECTION services to clients across the UK, mainland Europe , Asia and the USA.  We continue to provide top quality directors, senior managers, sales executives, project/product managers, analysts and financial markets specialists, in fact all levels and types of professionals to the majority of the market's major players. We continue to handle assignments on a wide range of salary levels from 30,000 to 300,000+. Our credibility, say our long standing clients, is provided by our in depth knowledge, experience and understanding of their market. That is why they choose to work with us. Trust is also built on our highest level of ethics. Hiring managers , HR, key Directors involved in the process know that we will have met with the selected candidates, and asked their approval, before sending their dossier. This ethical way of working allows us to attract in all confidence the best professionals in the market, with whom we speak on a regular basis , to the obvious satisfaction of our clients. Confidentiality is also of essence when treating applications for all level of roles. Our database of contacts in the arena of Financial Technology, in the UK, France, Germany, to name but a few, is second to none and available to all clients, small, large, start-up Fintechs, and all the newcomers.   


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